February & March 2019

I had lots fun in 4PLAY-impromptu with WeiJun.

My dear friend Mathew, Thank you for having me in Pieces, utterly grateful to be able to come home and be a part of it, and to dance with you again Mathew. Love you and so proud of you! ♥️ Here’s our 4PLAY. Enjoy!



rehab goes to Indonesia!

It was first created with January Low in 2014 and later reworked in 2017 with Mohd Fauzi). This current version with Sueki is for a contemporary choreography laboratory (D-Lab) in Solo, Indonesia (Feb 24th to March 3rd) organised by an Indonesian choreographer, Melati Suryodarmo, in partnership with facilitators from Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia – represented by our very own JS Wong. Participants from all over Asia are to present their choreography at the end of the laboratory. Sueki Tan Bee Hung and Ren Xin Lee performed in JS Wong’s work “ Fit Us Out”, and along with Ren Xin’s work on Bee Hung). rehab is special, therefore I am happy that it was given the opportunity for it to be seen and shared in Indonesia. All thanks to JS for making it possible, and my heartfelt thanks to Sueki for partnering and dancing with me in this work. With love and gratitude. #rehabgoestoindonesia


January 2019

Krishna Love Re-Invented | Krishna Leela

Thank you India for having us, I am deeply grateful for having the opportunity – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I can only count my lucky stars and thank them each for all the blessings – some disguised and some as pure as love and light like this Kumbh-Mela which made its grand entrance into my 2019! My salutations to the completions to old cycles, and to the manifesting of fresh new positive beginnings 🙏🏽 Thank you Sutra for the opportunity #kumbhmela2019